Case Study: How Pro Beauty Successfully Utilized A Photo Booth At The International Salon and Spa Expo 2019

a sleek, white, modern Maple Leaf Photo Booth at the Long Beach Convention Center at the International Salon and Spa Expo 2019
A Maple Leaf Photo Booth at the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, CA in January, 2019.

Pro Beauty hired Maple Leaf to bring a social media enabled photo booth down to Long Beach to do a brand activation at the Long Beach Convention Center. The photo booth photos got massive social media activity. Here are a few tips to incinerate your social media exposure with a photo booth at your next marketing event.

  1. Order a high-quality, custom backdrop. Our client spent time thinking about what they wanted their images to look like and really did their homework. They ordered a yellow, “hair” textured backdrop which came out beautifully in photos. Additionally, the backdrop had an impressive physical footprint which drew people into the booth. Taking the time to carefully consider the image output as well as the visual aesthetic of your footprint can go a LONG way in attracting prospects to your booth at your trade show, convention, or marketing activation.
  2. Go custom with your props. Sure, you could go with a generic prop selection from your photo booth vendor, but why not make your images truly stand out with custom-themed props? They don’t have to be expensive or complicated. Notice the blowdryers hanging from the backdrop. Guests used those to take their pictures, and the results were fantastic. Clean, simple, and on-brand. 5 stars on this idea.
  3. Leverage micro sites! Micro sites are powerful tools that photo booth companies like Maple Leaf use to facilitate social media sharing post-event. People tend to do most of their social sharing after the event is over. With a proper microsite, guests can easily share to their favorite social media channels, and we can measure their social media activity in real time to gauge ROI. Micro sites can even be customized to fit your brand and can support video and hyperlink embedding.
  4. Place the photo booth in a high traffic location. If you tuck away your photo booth rental into a corner, guests may not know it’s there. If you place it right where guests walk into an event, they won’t be able to resist taking a few photos!
  5. Coach your photo booth host to invite people to the photo booth! If you make your expectations known to your photo booth attendant right from the beginning, he or she will be proactive in making sure the photo booth gets as much traffic as possible!


See the results of this activation for yourself:

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