Meet The Team

Meet the recurring cast of Maple Leaf!

We are a group of photographers, actors, graphic designers, techies, and artists collaborating to bring you the best social event photography experience.

{ Chris } Founder

Chris is a Canadian-American actor turned photographer turned photo booth entrepreneur. Chris has a passion for photography, and even though he doesn’t take every photo, he enjoys creating memories around the world.

{ Courtney } Head of Design

Courtney is from Pennsylvania and is a former NFL cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens. When she’s not traveling, she’s cranking out beautiful creations in photoshop at all hours of the day.

{ Ben } Tech + Host

Ben is a model/actor, known for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 (2014), The Opportunist (2013) and Beyond the Rye (2015). Ben often gets recognized at photo booth gigs and graces party guests with his self-effacing mid-west charm.

{ DK } Tech + Host

DK is an LA based actor born and raised in Maryland. When he’s not acting or working, he enjoys watching movies.

{ Erin } Tech + Host

Erin is a LA based model and actress. When she’s not appearing in a major print ad, she’s hanging out at a Maple Leaf event, sharing her awesome personality.

{ Jessalyn W. } Tech + Host

Jessalyn is a Canadian actress based in Nashville. Jessalyn has appeared on many major network TV shows and commercials displaying her hilarious sense of humor.

{ Ashley } Tech + Host

Ashley is a model with a background in event production and design. When she’s not attending a Maple Leaf event, she’s being the coolest Mom ever.

{ Taylor } Tech + Host

Taylor graduated from Emerson University in Boston with a degree in film production. He currently works at Disney making the next big animated movie when he’s not working for Maple Leaf.

{ Lauren } Tech + Host

Lauren competed in the Miss America Pageant from 2010-2013, placing 3rd runner up to Miss California in 2012.