{ Maple Leaf } Camera Array Rentals The camera array creates dynamic 3D GIFs that emulate the "Bullet Time" effect made popular by The Matrix movies which can freeze motion from different angles.

Enhance Your Event With Freeze Frame 3D GIFs!

a photo of Maple Leaf Photo Booths's camera array that creates 3d GIFs in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and beyond.

The Camera Array creates a freeze frame/ bullet time 3D GIF with cameras firing in sync from multiple angles.


  • 6 – Camera System
  • Social Media Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text, Instagram, Snapchat, Wechat, Weibo, LinkedIn)
  •  Fast GIF Processing (under 20 seconds)
  • Fits into 10 x 10 space
  • Social media sharing analytics
  • Printing ready


  • Background Requirement 12′ wide x 8 feet tall
  • Image Gif Format – Square
  • Total recommended space 12′ x 12′


a 3d gif example of three ladies taken by a camera array
an example of a 3d gif of business people by a camera array from maple leaf photo booth rentals
an example of a 3d gif by a camera array by maple leaf photo booths
a 3d gif with balloons and white backdrop taken by maple leaf photo booth's camera array