How does it work?


Guests tap the screen to start the social session. Select between still photos, GIFs or boomerangs!


Text or email the branded image/GIF/boomerang and uploaded to the web!


Share your session for the world to see! The user can share to social media directly from the screen, or from a smart phone.

What are the perks?

Minimal Footprint

The GIF Booth Mini takes up very little room and is a fun, quick way to generate impressions and memories at your event.

Data Capture + Analytics

Our social platform allows for data capture as well as analytics of your guests’ social activity.

Custom Branding

Every aspect of the experience, from the GIF overlay to the software interface to the hardware can be customized for your brand or event.


The Maple Leaf Social Booth Mini is a multi-experience event photo platform that can offer your guests a choice of branded visual effects that are optimized for social media and instantly shareable at your event.

Still Photo

A quick branded snapshot at your event.


A looping animation of 3 still photos.


A looping video prepped for social sharing.


12 filter effects for each photo experience.

Digital Props

Snapchat-like digital props to jazz up the photos and GIFs.


hot girls black and white gif hollywood hills ca french montana
a boomerang gif at a bar mitzvahin los angeles
a gif from l'oreal's influencer meet and greet in Burbank CA
digital props red glasses gif maple leaf photo booths french montanas birthday
a branded boomerang gif of a young good looking couple taken with the Maple Leaf GIF booth mini
digital props gif booth maple leaf photo booths

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