How does it work?


Your guests snap photos at your event with their smart phones, capturing the entire event.


Your guests then share their photos to Instagram or Twitter with your chosen hashtag.


The Maple Leaf Hashtag Printer monitors Instagram and Twitter and prints custom branded photos with your event’s hash tag for your guests to keep.

What are the perks?

Incentivize Sharing

Giving guests a branded print will encourage them to share photos to their social media accounts, generating internet buzz.

Branded Impressions

Branded prints stay on peoples’ dressers and kitchen fridges for years. #topofmind

Custom Branding

Want just your logo on the print? Want to see comments? Want a custom logo created for your event? Our graphic design team has your back.


a hash tag print layout with a cute dog for fitdog sports club
a hashtag print layout example from an old navy event in Los Angeles

The Unit