Engage And Delight Your Prospects With Professional Headshots At Your Next Corporate Or Marketing Event!

Engaging your prospects by offering free, professional headshots with a headshot booth is a fantastic way to get guests buzzing and talking about your brand or cause! Headshots are frequently downplayed, but they are growing increasingly important in today’s digital world.

What are the perks?

High ROI

Most photographers charge $150 – $350 for a single professional headshot. With a headshot booth, our photographer can photograph 30-40 people an hour, significantly reducing the per-prospect cost.

More Views

Give your guests a competitive edge! Statistics show that LinkedIn members with a professional photo receive far more engagement: 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests.


Upgrade your headshot booth experience by adding an on-site retouching station, as well as email kiosks to leverage prospect data capture, delivering additional value to your guests!

headshot booth for events by maple leaf photo booths


Professional Studio Lighting

Professional Photographers with Pro-grade Gear

Quick, Efficient Experience

Photographers are Fully Trained on Posing Techniques

Choice of White, Gray, Black, Environmental, or Green Screen Backgrounds

On-site Retouching and Email Station Available

headshot example maple leaf

Enhance Your Headshot Booth Experience with Custom Branded Graphics

Add additional branded impressions by creating custom, sharable graphics using the headshots from your event.

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