How does it work?


Your guests tap the screen to start a video booth session.


The new and improved video booth interface can be customized with question queues and branded with your company or event’s logos. A host can walk users through the experience or the video booth can be set up as a self-hosted experience.


The video booth videos are uploaded to the cloud and are delivered to you after the event is over. With high-speed internet connectivity, videos can be optimized, branded, and pushed to social media stations for guests to enjoy.

What are the perks?

TV Quality Video

We use professional caliber cameras, microphones, and lighting to capture your guests.

Buzz + Memories

Generate social media buzz, valuable marketing feedback, or memories that the event hosts can leverage or enjoy for years.

Custom Branding

Add your event’s branding to the video, hardware, or software to personalize the video booth experience.