Why You Need A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Planning your wedding? Here’s why we think a photo booth is a must have on your big day.

1). More photos. Your wedding photographer will do his best to get everything, but inevitably, there are going to be some key people that he or she will miss. The photo booth creates another different type of attraction that will ensure you get as many photos as possible of your guests.

2) People loosen up. Some people hate posing for photos. Photo booth are a unique opportunity for your guests to loosen up and capture great photos of them that you’ll have forever.

3) They’re fun for everyone. It’s a party add-on that literally everyone can enjoy.

4) Irreplaceable Photo Op. How often do you get ALL your family and friends together for an occasion? A photo booth will ensure you have a memory to give to everyone and for you to keep, forever.

Give us a shout if you’re planning a wedding and considering a photo booth. We’d love to collaborate!

a photo of many wedding guests in a photo booth with a gold sequin backdrop