How To Save Money On Your Wedding

The Maple Leaf Photo Booths squad knows how expensive weddings can get. To help your prioritize your big day’s budget, we’ve put together our top 5 must have’s at a wedding so you can focus your budget and forget the rest!

A photo of Kriger the Los Angeles wedding DJ

1. Go DJ over Live Band. This tends to be a hotly contested subject, but it is so much more cost effective to hire a DJ than a 4-5 member band. A DJ can play ANYTHING and you’re only paying for one person. A band MAY be able to play anything but you’re paying the fees of multiple people. DJs can also MC and make sure your guests have a blast with all sorts of oldies and dance hits. (dj credit:

2. A Great Photographer. A true pro is worth the money and you’ll have the photos forever. Don’t skimp here. We recommend but anyone with a solid portfolio is worth the extra expense.

A creative photo booth photo with goofy glasses props at a bar mitzvah in Beverly Hills

3. A Great Photo Booth. We may be biased, but honestly, when else are you going to have hilarious photos with a stylish backdrop with your grandparents? You’ll be stressed enough on the big day so make sure you hire a quality, reputable company to do the job well so you can relax. Peace of mind is worth the money, and sometimes that means paying a little extra.

4. A Fun Venue. The perfect venue will have the fun factor, be convenient for guests, and allow for beautiful photos. You don’t need to go crazy, but the right venue can make sure your wedding is a smash hit.

5. Open Bar. This goes without saying. Your guests deserve to get toasty after their long commute to see you. Save everyone the extra expense of a cash bar.

Anything else, like flowers, go easy. Flowers end up in the ground the next day.

Happy planning!