Why Selfies Suck and Selfie Stations Rule

a photo booth photo with a beautiful white background at a bar mitzvah in studio city, los angeles, ca

Good selfie stations solve this problem by providing professional quality flash, making sure you have soft, even lighting over your skin and eliminating harsh shadows.

3) Optimal camera to subject distance. This just means the camera isn’t 2 feet from your face. When the camera is that close, it really doesn’t do you any favors. Backing the camera away gives a more flattering perspective and can allow more of you to be seen, since there’s more to you than just a floating head (how about that nice outfit?).

4) Stylish or fun backdrops. Your photos will pop more in front of a quality background.

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I am going to go ahead and say it. I hate selfies, and you should too.

Selfies are un-flattering self portraits taken with a cell phone or other photography device and they are wildly unflattering. This is due the neck tension caused by extending your arm, the awkward floating head framing this causes, and the sub-optimal distance from the camera to the subject.

Selfie Stations, modern photo booths, photo kiosks, or whatever you want to call them, solve this problem. Here are 4 reasons why Selfie Stations are a must have at your next event.

1) A quality selfie station will have a flattering camera angle. The best camera angle for capturing a flattering portrait is eye level. Our units are designed with this photography principle in mind to make sure your guests get flattering shots.

2) Flattering lighting. Selfies taken without much thought to lighting won’t do anything to give you a flattering shot. Harsh shadows are particularly unflattering.