Why Renting an Open Air Photo Booth Is The Way To Go

Back in the day, it was all about stepping behind the black curtain, sitting down, and snapping a few photos. Here are a few reasons why we think modern, open-air photo booths are the way to go.

an inappropriate photo booth photo cartoon with a man showing his butt

1. Fewer Inappropriate Photos. Do you honestly want to see your drunk uncle’s butt after your wedding day? We definitely don’t. The open air photo booth concept cuts down on inappropriate photos because people are out in the open.

a unique beautiful backdrop idea for a photo booth at a wedding

2. Modern Photo Booths Enhance The Appearance Of Your Party. Why spend money on a hand made gold sequin backdrop if it’s hiding behind an ugly black curtain? These days, it’s easy to find a sexy photo booth that will enhance the appearance of your party. That’s why we chose to make our photo booth a sleek, powder-coated white so it blends into any party decor.

a lot of people in an open air photo booth from Maple Leaf Photo Booths

3. You Can Fit More People Into Photos. The old style enclosed photo booths can only fit a few people. At big family and friend gatherings, people generally want to grab photos with as many people as possible. The more the merrier.


4. The Photo Booth Becomes Part Of The Party. It’s fun to see what your friends are up to in the photo booth and watch them attempt their best duck face.

a gif of brian from family guy dressed as a gangster with street cred

5. Street Cred. That’s all we have to say about that one.

We rent open air photo booths in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and pretty much all over Southern California, as well as New York City, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. If you’d like a quote for your next event, fill out this form.