How To Have The Best Wedding Photo Booth Experience

The wedding photo booth craze really started in 2009, and from where I’m sitting, they are only increasing in demand. These days, I’m attending a lot of weddings, and I can honestly say I always enjoy a wedding more when there’s a great photo booth. Here’s a short guide to help you create the best photo booth experience for your big day:

  1. Do you want a modern open-air photo booth, or an enclosed photo booth? From the many wedding photo booth customers I’ve interviewed…it appears it’s all about open concept these days. Open concept kitchens…open concept photo booths. The great thing about open air photo booths is that it’s a fixture that’s part of the party…not removed from it. You can fit more family members in an open air photo booth, and you have less risk of drunk people surprising you with their derriere in a session. But if you love the old school vibe and intimacy of an enclosed photo booth, by all means, book a company that does enclosed booths! Figure out which style you prefer before looking for vendors.
  2. What do you want the photo booth to look like? Wedding couples spend a lot of time and money planning the design of their perfect wedding, so why would you want an ugly photo booth with cables and lights everywhere to detract from your hard work? Imagine what your ideal wedding photo booth would look like. Is it a cool sit-in booth? Is it powder coated white and sleek, and won’t clash with decor? Is it made of black road cases? Do you not care? Figuring out this detail will help you in your search.
  3. Does the wedding photo booth vendor have high quality photos? I would definitely recommend evaluating wedding photo booth companies like you’d evaluate a professional photographer. Granted, photo booths are more relaxed photography installations, so some blown out photos and weird compositions are fine (that’s part of the fun!). Just make sure that the image quality and the lighting is for the most part good quality.
  4. What are the attendants like? Any business is ultimately a people business. Remember, no matter what photo booth company you book, their people will be attending your wedding. Make sure the photo booth company is run by people you’d actually want at your party and that they are friendly, sharply dressed, and professional.
  5. Do you want custom options? There are so many fun ways to capture photos with your loved ones these days. Do you want three hours of a photo booth and one hour of a video shout out booth? Do you want animated GIFs, or meme lover? Do you want to take your guests to Paris in a green screen booth? Do you want James Bond props? Get creative…and make sure your vendor can accommodate you!
  6. Read reviews. Make sure that if your vendors have reviews that the feedback is generally positive. You’re gonna be shelling out a nice little chunk of cash for a photo booth for your wedding day…so do your homework!

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