Heidi + Benny’s Wedding | 4-25-15 | Making It Custom

5-14-15: Heidi and Benny’s wedding was a fun-filled night with the best views in all of Los Angeles. We celebrated the wedding on the 30th floor of the AT&T building which is an AMAZING venue in Downtown LA. Heidi’s theme was hot pink and orange, and she wanted a hot pink border and an orange logo on a single 4×6 photo, and we made that happen for her. We gave her a few proofs and she decided on the final print design below.

The guests had a blast taking goofy photos and viewing and sharing them on our social kiosk. We also gave out unlimited prints to all the guests!

Heidi also requested a live feed of the photo booth photos on a remote TV behind the bar. Being the techies we are…we brought the remote slide show to life.

We made it a custom night for Heidi and Benny and would love to do the same for your next party!



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