6 Things To Consider When Booking Your Next Photo Booth

Six Things To Consider When Booking Your Next Photo Booth

Planning the perfect event can get overwhelming when balance many different things at once. When you don’t really know the photo booth biz, how are you supposed to make the best decision for your event? That’s why I’ve created this simple guide to help you pick the perfect photo booth for your next event.

1) Space

Make sure you know exactly how much space will be allowed for the Photo Booth. Many couples getting married don’t realize how little space actually is left over after filling the venue with tables and chairs. If you don’t have a lot of space, make sure your Photo Booth provider has a Photo Booth that will fit the space you have. We ran into this issue at our last wedding, and thankfully we updated to a slimmer profile Photo Booth just before the big night!

2) Aesthetics

Do you want an old school Photo Booth, or a sleek modern installation that doesn’t take up a lot of space? Do you need a branding wrap or not? Do you like open air or enclosed? Figure out these details before beginning your search.

3)  Printing

Are you old school and love prints, or are you the eco-friendly, social media type and want electornic sharing? Do you need both? If you’ve got to have prints for your guests, make sure that your provider allows unlimited printing in the package you choose. Some Photo Booth companies only allow 1-2 prints per session, which can leave the guest with a frigid experience. If you have to have unlimited printing, make sure you’re on the same page with your provider.

4)  Service

This is often overlooked by Photo Booth shoppers, and is one of the most important elements. How do the Photo Booth vendor’s attendants interact with the guests? Do they set up the Photo Booth and hang out in the corner on their iPhone, or do they actively engage with and have fun with the guests, and make sure they’re a getting top shelf experience? Is the booth run by a creepy dude? We here at Maple Leaf Photo Booths make service a top priority and make sure to hire attractive and friendly attendants. For one of our recent parties, we hired Ben Schreen from America’s Next Top Model to run our booth. He’s a super down to earth Idaho boy, and the guests LOVED him. It’s not just about the photos….it’s about the experience and the memories.

5) Customizability

Most Photo Booth vendors can do custom branding, but what is the extent of their customizability? Do you want a green screen? GIFs? A live feed of all the Photo Booth photos on a remote TV? Models working the booth? Make sure your Photo Booth provider is willing and able to make your experience truly personal. We pride ourselves at Maple Leaf Photo Booths for customized Photo Booth experiences. Let your imagination run wild!

6) Pricing

Photo Booth prices vary widely. Some providers charge as much as $3000 for a few hours, while some as little as $300. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The $300 booths usually won’t have the best attendants, or the booth itself will be an eye sore or have lights and cables running everywhere. For an excellent photo booth experience, expect to pay $600-$2000+ depending on the amount of time and the options you choose.

Written by Chris Manitius, CEO of mapleleafphotobooths.com

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