Why Photo and GIF Booths are Great Marketing For Movie Premieres

I just read today that the Sharknado 3 Premiere got 1.5 billion impressions.

A lot of this is the inherent star power of the film, along with the film’s ridiculous premise.

In the article I read, there wasn’t any mention of a photo booth, but I could’t help but think that Sharknado 3’s impressions would have been MAGNIFIED with a creative, social media enabled photo booth activation.

Imagine an photo booth with a customized wrap (maybe a shark?), shark props, a green screened ocean, and all the star power of the film in the photo booth, sharing their images online.

Customized photo booth are some of the most entertaining, most effective marketing activations out there, and if you’re trying to promote the release of an upcoming film, I would seriously consider getting a photo booth!

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Click this link for the original story about the Sharknado 3 premiere: http://observer.com/2015/07/sharknado-3-got-1-5-billion-twitter-impressions-last-night/